I realize by now that I could have accomplished anything I wanted and could have been a lot further along in life … if I would just stop being so much of a “cheerleader” all the damn time.

Ever notice how opinionated people and people who are often critical of others are usually taken more seriously by most?! I did … but even then I refuse to step on the bandwagon and choose to express myself and my beliefs differently. Especially the music posts I write  on my website @Noggy73 are without exception always positive and uplifting. This is my very conscious choice to not piss on someone else’s creation. After all they are the brave ones because they put their creation out there for everybody to see. I reckon that if I don’t like it, I probably don’t get it and therefor it’s just not for me … but that does not necessarily mean that the music is bad. Because of this philosophy I simply move on and focus mainly on what I do like and that is what I share.

I apply this philosophy to almost every aspect of my life and live this truth each and every day. Simply because I believe words and even thoughts have power and can bring as much joy as that they can harm people. I believe U should be really careful about what U communicate into this Universe of ours because whether U believe it or not we are all connected in some way.

The downside is that “cheerleading” does not always get me the things I want ( there is usually a path traveled more lightly to get all of that), the upside is that I wake up every day … and LOVE the person I see in my mirror. So even though I might not be considered successful by some of other people’s standards … I consider myself to be the SH*T by the standards I uphold and take it from me … my standards are very high. Even though I am always open for improvement …. at this point there is nobody who can tell me who I am!! To me that is the best place to be in life.

So today I dare U to live by at least this one principle and just see what happens …




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